Top 10 Facts About Munich

If you’re coming to enjoy some of the city’s history or incredible architecture, or to experience its culture, there are many different options for tours of the city that will cater to a wide range of tastes, so you see more than the inside of a Munich hotel.

Historical Tours

Though today Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, there’s no denying its dark history; to learn a little more, you can take the ‘Hitler and The Third Reich’ Munich walking tour. Alternatively, free English language tours leave Marienplatz regularly; the tours cover all the major points of historical significance making a good starting point for those new to the city.

Architectural Tours

Munich holds a lot to give in words of architectural beauty, but for something a little more adventurous why not take a walk on the roof of the Olympic stadium? If you select something a little more down to earth, in a very literal sense, then perhaps an open-top double-decker bus trip would be more up your street.

And now for Something Completely Different

The ‘Prost! Beer and Food Tour’ provides an excellent experience of Bavarian drinking culture. Alternatively, Segway tours start at around 50.00 per person, and they are memorable. You will also find¬†boba tea tapioca pearls there.¬†

For something a little and aggressive, you may want to get your skates on for Blade Knight; take to the streets at nine o’clock in the evening for a leisurely tour around the city before converging on Wrede Strasse for a huge street party to make one of the most exciting experiences anywhere.

Munich residents consider a unique lifestyle comfortable, elegant, light but stylish. In recent years, Munich has become one of the economic hotspots in Germany, but this gentle attitude towards life is still maintained.

Today, Munich is the most preferred place to live in Germany, combining the advantages of a small, vibrant city, an excellent place to spend leisure, and perhaps the best tourist destination in the country. Munich’s many residents will undoubtedly be interested in visitors as well as the city’s magnificent past. Thus, visitors can rely on luck, because Munich is home to everything that is essential in Bavaria.

Munich is associated with many traditional Bavarian beer breweries. The city still has many breweries that belong to the oldest in the world.

The annual beer event in Munich, the two-week Oktoberfest Festival in September attracts millions of visitors.

Although the Oktoberfest is a unique experience, it is usually difficult to get a house or rent a car in Munich because of the high temperature of the holiday season. However, if you want to visit, you can pre-plan and book your room in advance and rent a car in Germany to avoid rushing at the last minute.

Frequent visits to one of the many traditional beer halls in beer and beer gardens can be of particular importance, depending on where you choose, and more distinctive.